Shakeology for me was the game changer and along with healthy lifestyle changes has become my life saver.  I will spare you the details because you can find them in my blog, transformation page, videos and on my facebook like page.  This amazing dense supperfood filled with dense nutrients, probiotics, prebiotic and all the vitamins, mineral and nutrients I need is part of my daily diet and healhty lifestyle.


Shakeology helps to curb my cravings, improves my digestion and keeps me full for hours. It was the game changer that helped me change my eating habits.  I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol. I am now non-diabetic and am not suffering with many of the side effects of the diabetes that had plagued me for years and I am off all medications for the diabetes, cholesterol and neuropathy that I had developed as a result of the diabetes.


And as long as I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Which for me includes Shakeology, a healthy and balanced diet and exercise I will continue to lose weight and get stronger, fit and healthier.  That is why I am on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle and to keep moving toward the healthiest version of me that I can be. Mind, body, soul and spirit.  And to help others who want the same along the way!


Check out the videos below for more information on Shakeology and check out some of my videos on making Shakeology.


I am an open book, reach out if you have any questions and if you are serious about making healthy changes in your life.


Before starting any program you should consult with your doctor or health care professional.  This is a link to a letter that you can bring to your Doctor that has informaton about Shakeology.


Listed below are links to a calendars filled with various Shakeology recipes as well as links to Shakeology ingredients. For more information or if you have questions on Shakeology please click on the CONTACT tab to the left and send me an email.  You can also visit my Beachbody site at or visit my facebook page at



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