As Mother Teresa said "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."  I have certainly found this to be true.  Change takes time, it does not come overnight. At least it did not for me. It has been a series of baby steps, one day after another, little things, little changes each one a building block to making better "choices" to live a healthier lifestyle.


Many choices I avoided for years, but once I made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle and manage my health my path was crystal clear.  And there was one thing I knew for certain from the beginning, no matter the challenges, struggles and triumphs, there will always be Joy in the Journey.


Joy in the Journey is about finding the right balance to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  For us that means living authentically and balancing all the things we love in every aspect of our lives. 


The FAITH and FAMILY buttons will link to my websiteFAMILY will connect you to the home page and FAITH will connect to an about us page that shares a little about my family and the inspiration that led me to create Made with Love - A Tribute to My Parents a cookbook that I wrote to honor the legacy, love, faith and family traditions and recipes of my parents Maria & Domenic Ulisse, to honor God and to share thier legacy and traditionsl with the future generations of my family.  I then created the zialinda website to share thier legacy and family traditions and some of our family and my own recipes. And in 2018 we founded Heart's Rosary Company to share our faith John's gift for designing and creating rosaries.    Check the link above for details on Heart's Rosary Company.


Living authentically for me is not living a "diet" but a lifestyle and one that encompases and celebrates every part of me from home cook and self-proclained foodie to living a healhty and balanced lifestyle.  And that also includes a few rich and not health conscious recipes that you may find on the zialinda website as well as the tasty and delicious recipes and new creatations on this site. 


I am a foodie, my dad was a chef and I come from a long line of fabulous cooks. I am at home in the kitchen and I love creating new recipes and updating some of our old ones to make healthier versions that are helping me to maintain balance and live a healthy lifestyle.Life in all its richness is beautiful and in my journey I have come to appreciate every aspect of it. 


The LOVE button links to a tab on this website that will tell you a little bit more about me and the journey that I am on to live with purpose, intention and mindfulness to live a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy.  Beacause without good health, I would not be able to enjoy the many blessings of love and family and friendships that  surround me. And that leads me to the GOOD HEALTH button that links to a tab on this website that shares my transformation story, mind, body, spirit and soul that is ongoing as I travel the path to a healthier lifestyle and a stronger, more fit and flexible body. 


Supa Saturday, Downtown Boston, October 2015 - Linda sharing her transformation story.

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