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I am married to my beloved John, a woman of faith, self proclaimed foodie, home cook, writer, blogger, independent health and fitness coach, Diamond Coach and seasoned property management professional.  I am all about finding the right balance to living a healthy and fit lifestyle filled with faith, love, family, good health and joy in the journey.


I created and wrote Made with Love - A Tribute to my Parents a number of years ago to honor the memory and legacy of my parents and to share that legacy with the younger and future generations of my family.  After distributing copies of the book I self-published to my family and after repeated requests from friends and aquaintances to the book and my recipes I created zialinda.com to easily share with our extended family, friends and others our rich family traditons and recipies.


An ongoing project is to create a healthier version of many of our old family favorites and to create new healthy and clean eating recipes and to write a new cookbook to celebrate the two.


I started out as a discount coach in December 2014 and began actively coaching and helping others to achieve their goals to a healthier, balanced and fit lifestyle in June 2015 after achieving success with my own health goals.  As I continue along the journey myself I  I have discovered that I have a passion and a misison to help others who want to live a healthier lifestyle.  The grace of a healthier lifestyle has also been the gateway to the start of a new adventure creating my own business that will bring financial freedom and an early and financially secure retirement for me and my beloved and at the same time to help and mentor other like minded entrepreneurs who are looking to build  and create thier own life by design.  It is exciting to be part of an organization whose mission is to  end the trend of obesity and to work alongside other dedicated individuals who share a similar vision and mission and who embody the spirit "that a candle does not diminish its light by lighting another candle"  And it is excting to follow my passion and to help others along the journey.


I love the mission of this company and I love and use the products and have experienced the results personally.  The game changer in my journey has been Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix has taught me balance, portion control and moderation and has driven home the reality that I am making life changing lifestyle changes that are helping me to be the best and the healthiest version of me that I can be. 


I have a deep passion for nutrition, health and fitness and living a healthier lifestyle, sharing it with others and helping others do the same.  The community and coaching is the perfect platform to provide motivation, support and accoutabiity and to share my gifts and talents to help and metor to others. 


Thank you for talking the time to visit my website  Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like more information or if I can help you with your weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals or the business opportunty.



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