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My name is Anna and I wanted to tell you about our journey on the 21 day fix my husband and I, did in July.  We were very successful    He lost 14 lbs and I lost 11 lbs in the three weeks.   


This diet was by far the best diet that I have ever been on in my 67 years of dieting.  I have tried them all, but this really worked.  We ate and ate what we liked and still lost the weight.  And we have continued to lose since July.  I have lost 20 lbs total and my husband has lost a total of 30 lbs.   

What really made this so good was that we did this together.  It was so much fun.  We helped and encouraged each other.  We prepared our foods together. We kept our journals together.    Doing this together made it doable for me.  No cooking his and my foods.  We both ate the same breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

We continue to use the fix as our guidelines.  We may not be following a plan, but we are still losing    That is awesome.  And I have a whole new wardrobe.    Lol

Good luck everyone.  You won't be sorry you did this.

Anna and Rich Belluardo

December 2015

”Well 21 days ago today I embarked on a journey to start eating healthier with a wonderful friend of mine from college.


I have been semi following the 21 day fix program with shakes from Shakeology for breakfast and must say I never thought I would enjoy a liquid breakfast, but I really have been loving the shakes. Not only are they nutritious but ever so tasty and filling to boot!


I've also been exercising every night, and in a couple of weeks will actually try the workout CD's that are part of this program. I understand it is physically very challenging but I'm looking forward to stepping up my game!


The first picture of me was taken within the first week of the program and the 2nd one of me in the white sweater just last week. I see a big difference and I hope you do as well!”


MaryAnn Wrisley

October 5, 2015

Time for me to give a BIG shout out and THANK YOU to my Awesome coach, Linda Ulisse Sousa!!! She has been my inspiration, determination, and my go to gal for tons of questions. If it weren’t for her I would not be on the journey I am on.


I was following her on Facebook and reading her posts of living a healthier lifestyle with her eating plan, exercise and support from her accountability group. I reached out to her to see what she was up to because I wanted better for myself. I wanted to be healthy, stronger, and more energetic. I wanted my medical issues to be less, the numbers with my cholesterol less, BP numbers less, the numbers on the scale less and the pain in my body less. As I was reading her posts I knew she found a plan that worked. So after conversations with Linda and reading up on Shakeology and the 21 Day fix program I made the decision to join in. I am so glad I did. All the reasons I mentioned above have been improving. My numbers are all down, I feel great. I am sleeping better. The pain in my body is significantly less.

It is a lifestyle change that reaps awesome results.


The program itself is great and having Linda as my coach has been nothing but God sent. She was there for me every step of the way!


Thank you Linda for sharing all your knowledge, answers, recipes, thoughts, struggles, time and last but not least, your FAITH!


I love you sista,

Audrey Brancaleone

January 24, 2016


Like most women my age, going for my annual physical was not at the top of my list of fun things to do.  However, since I turned 50 this year, I thought I should not delay my appointment.  I always wonder what the doctor will "find wrong" with me and fear sets in before I even make the appointment.  Nevertheless, I went for my appointment and my primary care physician sat me down to talk to me about osteoporosis.  She stressed how I really needed to get some muscle on my small frame.  (I just so happen to work with the elderly, so I knew what she was saying was very true.)  I couldn't figure out how with my crazy schedule as a working mom that I could ever begin to put some muscle on this body of mine.  As usual, I went to a dear friend of mine, Linda Sousa for some comfort and advice.


Linda had recently started as a coach for Beach Body, and had started a program called the 21 day fix.  As soon as I hugged her, I knew that changes were already happening for my dear friend.  You see, Linda gives the best Italian hugs imaginable.  This time though, I noticed my arms reached further around and her hug was especially strong and powerful.  As we stepped back from one another, I stood there admiring the lost weight and the new muscle she had put on her body.  Her forearms had amazing muscle tone as did her shoulders.  We hugged again and I told her my story of needing to get some muscle.


Without hesitation, Linda explained how Beach Body had helped her and all the benefits she has had from the program.  I was intrigued and liked what I was hearing.  The workouts could all be done at home, on my schedule, and my time.  The nutrition was easy to follow and simple, and the best part of all was that I would have my dear friend by my side through this entire journey as my coach.  "Sign me up!" was my immediate reaction.  Within a few weeks, I started on this journey to build some muscles.  I quickly noted two changes from the program.  I mostly ate carbohydrates, and now transitioning to more proteins and healthy fats was a huge change in my diet.  Secondly, I had NO muscle so the workouts were daunting and very hard for me.  Linda reassured me that it gets easier because I will get stronger.  I just had to discipline myself and do it.


After about three months on the plan, I started to notice some muscle.  How exciting!  However, I also found my discipline starting to wain as my life became busier.  This is where my coach stepped in front and center in a very subtle way.  She is magnificent at social media and has shared honestly and openly her struggles.  There is no sugar coating the discipline, time and commitment it takes to make a real change with Linda.  One morning, I got up and just didn't feel like working out anymore, but there on Facebook was my coach sharing her own struggles that same morning but how she overcame all the excuses.  I thought to myself, if she can do this, so can I.  I can't give up now.  So whenever my excuses get larger than my determination, Linda is always there with an honest and humble sharing.  She never got "in my face" about what I needed to do, but she reminded me of my goals, believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, and truly celebrated my success with me. 


I recently saw my physician and couldn't help but flex my biceps for her.  I don't think I have ever seen her laugh and cheer in my 20 years of having her as my physician.  I told her I am not done yet as my core and legs still need more muscle, but I promised her I wouldn't quit.  How could I quit with my coach Linda by my side, living the experience with me, cheering me on, and inspiring me every day with her posts and blogs?  Thank you Linda for being such a wonderful inspiration and for giving me the courage to try and to not give up on myself.  Big, strong hugs right back!


Marelene Rotering

January 30, 2016


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